Pctures/sketches edited in photoshop.

  1. To produce image one, I began with my drawing of a scene at the waterfront, and a picture of the same place; the angles were different enough in each of these that they would not correlate exactly. I played with opacity, gradients & regular layer masks and the warp options in transform (ctrl T) in order to create the angles that I needed piecemeal. Then I merged the ten or so pieces while in full color, used the healing brush and cloning tool to fix any minor areas of grey or clear lines and then adjusted the color levels of the “photo”. Following this I decreased the brightness and the contrast of the photo to make it seem like a real photo, and also to bring out some really cool highlighting colors. I then put a color burn effect on the background, copied it and merged the two layers to darken my drawn lines before merging the drawing and the “photo”. Finally, I placed a filter known as accented edges on the newly merged “photo” and background layer. This filter produced even more colors in the picture, and I merely darkened them again by merging another copy of my created photo atop the result.

  1. To make this image, I also began with one of my own drawings and a picture. In this case, the picture was not of the same place, though. I took one seagull from the picture, copied it and warped and transformed the resulting twins into the images in my drawing. I then used about 7 solid color layers, playing with modes like overlay, multiply and color burn, to color in my pencil drawing around the seagulls (using layer masks to hide unwanted color). Then I merged all of these layers to a copy of the background drawing. I applied accented edges to this picture, and then copied the layer. I masked the entire layer and then unmasked the words “The waterfront” with the paintbrush (while selecting the thumbnail of the layer mask and setting the color on white).