Review: Behind Box Scores vs. Instagram Is

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I decided to review two capstone projects listed on the UT Dallas website:

The first capstone project that caught my eye was “Behind Box Scores: Better Stats for the Dallas Mavericks and the NBA.” This is probably because of my love of basketball, in particular the Mavericks (but who knows :p). This capstone project is highly detailed and it is clear that there was a lot of work put into it. I like how there are different tabs on the blog so that the information is dispersed and easier to find.

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However, I also feel that this site has too much information for a capstone project. (I may change my mind on that once I get a chance to look through all the tabs) On the UT Dallas website, the name of the capstone project only deals with basketball and the Mavs in particular. The blog, however, includes information and research pertaining to other sports as well. I appreciate the figures, images, and videos interspersed within the text. It gives the reader a break from being inundated with too much text. I believe the blog can benefit from more visuals, and that is something I hope to keep in mind when working on my springboard project.

The other capstone project that caught my eye was “Instagram Is.” I actually do not have an account on Instagram, but it astonishes me how many people do and how much it has entered into their everyday lives. I like the simplicity of this blog. As soon as I clicked on it, I had a basic idea of the capstone project. There are also tabs included to divide the information as in the “Behind Box Scores” blog. This blog, however, is a video (produced very well) that is the highlight of the site.

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The blog does not inundate with text, rather there is only enough to explain the project itself. I feel that if the author of the site included his process in creating the video (how he learned to produce and recruit people, etc.) it would make his blog more interesting and applicable for people looking to create videos for their capstone projects. I found it amazing that he has been able to reach out to so many people through various factions of social media (instagram, twitter, facebook). I hope my capstone project is also able to be understood and shared among different types of people.

Julia’s Education Timeline

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I hope I’m doing this right. Here’s my life! Constructive criticism is appreciated.


Ting’s Educational Journey into the Unknown

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Hi fellow Springboarders! Below please find a brief overview of my educational journey.

Education Histories

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Below is an example of an education history. Okay, it happens to be an example of my education, but it is just one example. Keep in mind that some of the items incorporated in my example below are there to show you the types of media you can use with TimelineJS. There are a few screencasts to help you with the TimelineJS creation process already under Resources on this site. There are many ways that you could narrate your education. I’m sure the influences in your life that have joined together to comprise your education vary from mine; that’s great. I want to hear your education story. Remember that though you are working in a linear fashion in a timeline, you are still creating a narrative.


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A couple of quick screencasts on how to make timelines using TimelineJS. The Google Spreadsheet template, instructions, and samples are all located on the TimelineJS website.

Timeline Basics: downloading the template, publishing it to the web, and embedding it in your post.



Working with the Spreadsheet: more specifics about date formats, necessary information, and organization of your timeline.


Discussion Forum Tutorial

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Below is a quick tutorial on how to use the Discussion Forum on this site.



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In-progress list of project examples: