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  1. Joseph Ugoretz

    Good question about challenges! I wonder how you will challenge yourself…let’s see what happens with some of the performances!

  2. adamsul

    Hey Devina,

    I plan on challenging myself by getting out of my comfort zones. In high school I never joined any clubs that I thought I didn’t have a friend in or a club that didn’t interest me. However I feel like I missed out on finding interests in new things by limiting these options. So I really do plan on going to events and joining clubs that I wouldn’t have thought of joining. In terms of this course, I think one of the best ways to challenge myself would be as simple as opening my mind up to what we learn about. Art, especially abstract type of art has the problem of making people think in their head “Oh I could of done this, why is he/she famous?”. Art isn’t just the work but it really is the story of the artist, so I think coming to terms with that will be a challenge.

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