At Night at the Museum, I ended up in a group sort of organically because my group needed an extra person. I didn’t know anyone in my group because none of them were from the Brooklyn campus, so I got to meet new people. The first work that we recorded our reaction to was an ancient Egyptian gold headpiece. We remarked how it seemed very contemporary despite its age due to its obvious intention as a status symbol, indicating that some parts of human nature remain constant throughout the ages. After roaming through the Egyptian section, we proceeded to the American Identities collection. There was a smaller enclosed room within the gallery reminiscent of a temple. Enshrined within the room were comic book style icons of American culture. However, more telling was the phrase inscribed in Latin on the back wall of the temple which roughly translated to “nothing lasts forever.” This was a great example of the role of art as a kind of wake up call and reminder of the fragility of nationalism and global domination. The Latin also evoked the downfall of ancient Rome, which at the time was also seen as an invisible and omnipotent empire. I thought the inscription was an honest counterargument to the rampant nationalistic slogans and illusions of being an eternal power that can be found in the media. I thought that overall the ability to roam the museum unhindered by the presence of so many other people and tourists was an eye opening experience.