My experience at the Brooklyn Museum was amazing and fun. I was able to make new friends and see old friends that I have not seen in a while. Before I entered into the Brooklyn Museum, I looked at the building and saw how well crafted and designed the building was. It reminded me of the ancient Greek temples. When I entered the museum, I was able to find my friends and form a group with them. When my friends and I decided to look for a painting to talk about, I suddenly saw a painting that was about four feet wide and it reminded me of the life cycle. I went to read the description under the painting. The name of the painting was the Web of Life, which was painted by John Biggers in 1958. I asked my group if they wanted to analyze this painting, and they all said sure. When I looked at the painting, I was trying to understand the connection that John Biggers was trying to make between African Americans and nature. I also saw how one side of the painting showed the winter time and the other side showed the summer time. Then my group went to check out the arcade exhibit. We had a great time playing all of the different games, especially the ping pong ball machines. We then went to the sneaker’s exhibit, where we saw so many sneakers. Each sneaker had its own story behind it. I personally had a lot of fun at the Brooklyn Museum, and I’m truly looking forward on the many trips ahead of us.