Having lived in New York City my whole life, I didn’t even know Brooklyn had its own museum until I found out we had to go there as a class. I wasn’t thrilled to hear we had to record our conversations about art pieces, but I still decided to go. After almost taking the wrong train and finally making it out of the train station, I was surprised to see that the museum had some nice architecture, which made it a work of art itself. 

My initial thoughts on having to record our conversations was that I would never know what to say. I expected all my lines to be written down and rehearsed several times before recording. But when my group went to the first exhibit, words of analysis started to fill up my mind. And after seeing several exhibits and analyzing art pieces, I realized that it wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be. In fact, it was very easy. All I had to do was say what stood out to me and what was on my mind. My favorite exhibit was the one full of neon colors particularly because of how the black light made my clothes stand out.

So to conclude, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to go to the Brooklyn Museum with my classmates to see some great art. I had a very nice experience that turned out to be much better than I had first anticipated.