Author: Sayuj Zachariah

Henry IV Reflection

It was a great experience watching  “Henry IV” with the class. Although I was confused in some moments throughout the play, I really liked the setting and atmosphere. I liked how the audience was put into the play by the way we were all locked out and unable to use the bathroom, similar to the prisoner actors. I liked the concept of a stage surrounded by an audience.

I also liked the modern twist to the old play, especially the addition of some modern music, which caught my attention. Another thing that caught my attention was the way the actors broke character and went into the character of prisoners. Their acting made me believe that they were actually breaking character for real, only until I saw the acting security guards control the chaos in the prison.

Overall, although the performance was long and without intermission, I thought it was a good performance in an easily accessible part of Brooklyn. I would definitely love to attend another play in the St.  Ann’s Warehouse.

Macaulay Snapshot Day

Macaulay Snapshot Day was a great day for the entire Macaulay Class of 2019 to share our view and perspective of the Great New York City. It is amazing to see such varying perspectives of the city that we are all a part of. It was exciting to be inside of the New York Historical Society, and what really caught my eye was the toy train running on the tracks over my head.

Once I got to the actual gallery of photos, I was a little confused at the photos and the times. Why was it in military time? And why were the times so precise?

Nevertheless, it was a fun day to look at some of the seemingly professional work of the class of 2019. Snapshot was a very enjoyable event, and it’s a great opportunity for average students to get some recognition.

My Brooklyn Museum Experience – Sayuj

Having lived in New York City my whole life, I didn’t even know Brooklyn had its own museum until I found out we had to go there as a class. I wasn’t thrilled to hear we had to record our conversations about art pieces, but I still decided to go. After almost taking the wrong train and finally making it out of the train station, I was surprised to see that the museum had some nice architecture, which made it a work of art itself.  Continue reading