Although I can not choose a single photo which can classified as my favorite, Andro Wekua’s Panorma would certainly be a top candidate. Facing the Hudson River, the photo not only concentrates on the Panorama, but rather, mixes together multiple aspects. When one first looks at the photo, they see the sun setting behind Jersey City, demonstrating the modern architecture present near the High Line. Although it may seem as if the picture were taken from ground level, especially when looking at the level of the ocean, it is quickly realized that the second or third floor of a nearby building is overlooking the High Line. Furthermore, many people may not consider this a “park”. After all, there is a road with buses and cars below it, to the right of the picture. Yet, the image still manages to capture the theme of nature, as signified with the plants near the window. Despite the fact that the High Line may be considered a reconstructed train line, it is more than that, and this image successfully shows the complexity of it.


high line

  • Ben K