My favorite highline photo was of Ryan Gandor’s “Zooming Out”. ┬áIt’s a medal model of a an iPhone, a wallet, and a USB drive. At first I didn’t even see this work of art. It’s very inconspicuous. I walked past it but knowing that on the map given to us, it was there. I ended up being too curious and went back to look for it. I’m glad I did because it turned out to be my favorite. I love how realistic it looked. I almost thought someone really forgot their stuff when I saw its figure from a far. I think its commentary from what I understood is actually pretty interesting. Who doesn’t have a phone and wallet in there pocket or bag anymore?Candor took a minimalist approach to adding beauty and fascination to the Highline and I think he it did well.

IMG_20150924_182456 IMG_20150924_182449 IMG_20150924_182444 IMG_20150924_182438 IMG_20150924_182421