Upon entering the Macaulay Snapshot Exhibition, I thought that something completely different would be shown. Later on, when I saw how the pictures were organized, I was somewhat surprised, and disoriented even. The images were supposed to be organized by time frame, throughout the day, but unfortunately, not all of them were. For example, even though my picture was of a sunset (and the title gave it away too), it was placed on the 7 am board. When I later found out why, one of the curators said that since it involved the sun, it could have been taken in the morning. Another critique I had was that the title of the images was not provided. Although the image is still there, I believe that the title gives the viewer a sense of what the photographer thought of the photo. Finally, as for my photo, I have to say that it was difficult choosing what photo to submit. Since I have taken multiple photos that day, I did not know which one would be more appropriate. The reason I chose the current one was that it took multiple attempts to take, so that the waves were positioned in such a way, which made them seem “angry”. Because I do not want to skew anyone’s interpretation of the photo, I will not talk more about it. After all, the viewer is responsible for determining the purpose of the image, and the artist should not influence their opinion. image