One of the things I was really excited for when starting the school year was having my own photograph displayed in a real museum. I have grown up around artists and I love to paint myself, so when the opportunity came to curate the exhibit, I knew I wanted to do it right away. I didn’t go every week, but the weeks I did go were extremely fun. The first week Nadiah asked all of us for ideas for the exhibit. We came up with pretty extravagant ideas that could never realistically be implemented, but it was great to use our imagination and come up with a concept that worked and could be done in the time we had. The work was extremely tedious. We had to separate the little pictures into themes and match them with the bigger pictures. We then had to label each photograph with the right person’s name. There were over 300 photographs! The photo that I submitted was a picture of the Greenwood Cemetery. The focus of the photo was on the leaves that made a border around the edges of the photo and the graves were out of focus in the background. I chose this picture because I really love Greenwood Cemetery. It is peaceful, beautiful, and holds a lot of history.┬áThe picture itself didn’t clearly show the graves, it focused more on the leaves, which I also liked because it took a few seconds to register that the background was of graves. Overall, I really liked the idea of Snapshot day. It is interesting to see how many different types of pictures a group of students can come up with in one day, and it shows just how diverse and interesting our city really is!