I was unable to go see the snapshot exhibition, so i will post about my submission instead.

I took this picture (see below) from the roof of a hotel in New York City. I chose to submit this picture because i felt that it captured another side of the city. Rather than the busy, industrial, super-crowded image that usually represents NYC, i wanted to show that the beauty of the city isn’t only in the hustle and bustle but also in the the appearance, the location, and the architecture. Beauty can be found anywhere at the right time and i had not intended to take this picture, but when i saw the view and was given the opportunity to capture the moment, i couldn’t pass it up and that was something i wanted to share.

I looked at some of the photos online and just wanted to say that everything looked amazing. Props to the curators. I know that it was a lot of work, but you did an amazing job.