When I found out I was going to miss the Snapshots exhibition, I was totally bummed. Granted, I didn’t have a bad weekend—I went to visit my two best friends at the University of Pennsylvania—but I had spent a few Thursdays helping organize it so getting to see the fruits of my labor would have been nice. I also loved the ideas we had come up with; the motif of time and using that as a baseline for arranging the photos seemed rather clever to me. I heard the event went well, however, and that everything ended up working out, which is awesome. But since I couldn’t actually be there (and therefore can’t reflect on it) I’ve decided to talk about the process and my photo submission instead.

On the Process

I mentioned this in class, but I honestly found the organization very disjointed. A lot of the time, Nadiah (the woman in charge) would just tell us to throw ideas around and that we’d figure things out later. We had no solid foundation for a while, and she would kind of sit back and say “Yeah, that sounds good!” to literally everything someone said. It made me kind of aggravated because I’m a person that likes structure, so sifting through photos for an hour and a half did not sit well with me. I also feel like it would have worked out easier if all the photos were submitted in a uniform format, i.e. title, caption, a few tags to help categorize. But hey, things apparently came out nice, so who knows.

On my Photo


So the photo I took above was at a park by my house, one I grew up visiting often. I’d play a lot at the park that has since been abandoned because of some radiation (or whatever) and chill out by the ocean. It’s a really calm place, and, recently, the empty morning parking lot there has been where I practice my driving. Needless to say, driving a huge SUV is really hard, and I’ve nearly crashed my dad’s car several times.

I decided to take my photo for the exhibition there because, honestly, Staten Island doesn’t have a lot of pretty stuff. It’s just a bunch of houses and schools and shopping plazas. But this park is one of its little gems, so I wanted to capture it. I even tried to be a little artsy!