The Macaulay Snapshot Exhibition was a very special event for me. Being a curator, I was both anxious and excited to see how people would react to the exhibition. I enjoyed how the final product turned out and I think that the theme was a perfect fit for what we wanted to capture. I definitely had a lot of fun working with Nadiah and all the other curators.
Truthfully, at first I was nervous about signing up to be a curator. When we were first told about the opportunity, I was instantly intrigued by it, but I didn’t sign up right away. I love photography, but I was nervous that maybe I wouldn’t be a right fit for this particular project. In the end, however, in the spirit of being a college freshman and trying new things, I decided to sign up. It took a few sessions for me to really be able to delve into the experience. The first few sessions were mainly just everyone getting to know each other and brainstorming ideas. Once we had the pictures and were able to all to agree on a theme, everything kind of fell into place.
It was an interesting experience to work on something that incorporated everyone’s artistic vision. I think that’s what I liked about working on the exhibition. Everyone got to express themselves through their own unique themes and vision. The exhibition was both a representative of New York City through the eyes of Macaulay students as well as our interpretation of their vision. I think that’s pretty awesome.