I didn’t think I would like jazz because I always thought of it as boring or soothing music and to be honest, I really thought I would fall asleep during the performance. I was so wrong because I really enjoyed the Big Band’s performance! Now, I have a completely different perception of Latin jazz.

My first impression of the conservatory was that the space was extremely small and didn’t really look that fancy. I didn’t expect the conservatory to be like an opera or something, but I did think it would be a lot grander than it actually was. However, the vibe of the overall performance made up for the fact that the performance took place in such a small setting.

What made the performance so¬†enjoyable was that everyone on stage seemed to be having a lot of fun. I really liked the fun and casual atmosphere that the musicians and conductor created as they were playing. Much of the performance felt like it was spontaneous, but you could really see that the happy emotions of all the musicians were real. It was really cool how almost all of the musicians on stage got their own solo (Vaughn you were great), which isn’t seen a lot in other music performances. My favorite piece was the first one that was played (sorry I forgot the name). I couldn’t stop humming to it, kept tapping my feet, and really wanted to get up to dance! The second-to-last piece and Baby Jack were really great as well!