A Study in Perspective

We had a great semester. Now here’s a look at my group’s project!

A STUDY IN PERPSPECTIVE (feat. Maisha, Boris, Shokhina and Melissa)


  1. Angelica Goldberg

    I am totally going to look at this. I was really impressed when you presented it. But my comment is about something else: time travel. The post time says December 18 and its still the 17th. Crazy stuff.

    • Maisha Kamal

      Thanks Angelica!!! We’re really proud of how it came out 🙂

  2. Boris Avrumov

    @Angelica the time on everyone’s posts has been ahead of our real time all semester, quite tragically.

    WOOO this was my favorite project and I have no bias whatsoever (go team!!)

    • Maisha Kamal

      Nobody cares about your opinion Boris

  3. Angelica Goldberg

    @Boris How appropriate and tragic that I find that out on the last day of class.

    I’m about halfway through this and I really like it and and still amazed at all the work you guys put in.

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