What is Love?

What is love?

Is it even a feeling at all?

And why is it always

Associated with tragedy?


What is love?

To me, it is sacrificing anything for someone,

The same way Tosca and Mario

Sacrificed for each other.


What is love?

Not to be confused with lust,

The physical attraction Scarpia

Had for Tosca.


What is love?

Is it the way Jack and Rose

Looked at each other

Moments before Jack let go?


What is love?

Is it what Juliet felt

When she found out

Romeo killed himself?


What is love?

Is it a weakness,

Or is it

What conquers all?


What is love?

That heavy feeling

In your heart

For the one.


What is love?

Something that can

Make one feel

Both pain and happiness.


Have I ever been in love?

The hopeful answer is yes,

And that I still am,

But I really don’t know.


  1. Maisha Kamal

    I kept thinking of that banking commercial while reading this (in which the guy has his ringtone set to “What is Love?” or whatever that song it) but this is such a nice poem. You should’ve read it in class! 🙂

    • Sandy Mui

      Thanks Maisha! I was thinking about sharing it in class but I changed my mind, haha

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