The Year of the Flood A companion to Margaret Atwood's novel

The Year of the Flood
Toby’s Timeline

Author’s Note:

Please note that dates are an estimate based on textual evidence. On page 403 of Year of the Flood Atwood writes: “On this day we remember, too, Saint Sojourner Truth, guide of escaping slaves two centuries ago, who walked so many miles with only the stars to guide her…” Sojourner Truth escaped to freedom in 1826, putting the Waterless Flood around 2030.

The creation of this timeline was to document Toby’s growth and development throughout the novel by organizing the events in chronological order. This serves as a supplement to analyzing Toby’s slow transformation from a beaten and battered young woman with little conviction to a steely heroine. Timeline JS was used to create the timeline and was committed to an Excel spreadsheet before it went up.

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