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Comedian Elon James White, creator of This Week in Blackness, ¬†recently created a list of 13 “Black Truths” and I thought I would put them here:

1) Africans are Black.

2) Saying someone “Talks White” is possibly one of the most idiotic things you can utter.

3) There’s no such thing as Post-Racial America. To say there is is to acknowledge your own ignorance.

4) There’s no such thing as “Good Hair.”

5) Blacks don’ t come in a package. You can’t say “Well Black People Think…”

6) Black Folks engaging in things you don’t consider “Black” isn’t them acting “White”, its you being a dumbass.

7) Racism isn’t over. When someone of color says this, they aren’t complaining. They’re observant.

8 ) No one can speak for black people. People speak ABOUT blacks; for “groups of blacks”, but not “FOR BLACKS.” (That includes Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson)

9) Obama didn’t come to save Blacks. He came from years of Black Struggle. He’s a product, not the solution.

10) Black and Ghetto are not interchangeable. One describes a people. One describes a class {and also a place}.

11) Theres no better “SHADE” of Black. Light, Dark, Medium. We’re all STILL black.

12) Intelligence does not equal lack of black authenticity

13) Black people don’t have to live up to a definition of blackness. “We” define it w/ everything we do.

Here is his video:


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