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“We belong together; we are connected; we heal when we integrate different parts into one whole…” – You BelongĀ (

Although I am not religious (I am spiritual), my mom is and so I go to church with her every Sunday. One Sunday, a preacher said how God is not a spirit, but spirit in itself, an all encompassing spirit. He also said that God was not created, he was always there. The invisible made the visible; the unseen made the seen. What he said resulted in two questions for me — how does this connect to science? How does religion in general connect to science?

Well, what is spirit? Often we hear how someone has a lot of spirit and cheerleaders are called the spirit squad. They both refer to people who seem to have a lot of energy or who energize others. So, spirit is basically energy, which would mean God is energy!

Now let’s connect this to science–

Albert Einstein presented us with the formula E= MC2, which is energy equals mass (matter) times the speed of light squared. Another formula that is derived from his formula is M=E/C2, mass (matter) equals energy divided by the speed of light squared. Basically, energy is created by having mass move at the speed of light and mass is created by having energy slowed down. It would take a lot of energy to match the fast speed of light in order to create the amount of visible matter we have. What could that large amount of energy be — God!

Think of it in terms of the states of matter: gas, liquid, solid. Gas is made of particles (molecules) moving at a rapid rate, liquid is made of particles moving at a moderate rate and solid is made of particles moving at a slow rate. The particles in a solid are moving, just so slow that they look like they are not and they are visible. On the other hand, a gas is usually not visible. The gas particles can be slowed down to form the solid. The invisible makes the visible, the unseen makes the seen. Energy as well as the universal forces together create matter.

Also, in Chemistry and Physics, we learned that energy and matter can not be created nor destroyed, only transfered or transformed within a closed system, the Law of Conservation of Energy and Mass. If energy creates mass and energy cannot be destroyed but transformed or transferred, that means it was always there. Energy could not be created if it was always there, therefore, it fits with what the preacher said.

Light energy, sound energy, chemical energy, physical energy, heat energy, kinetic energy and others can transformed into another.

That would also mean we are all transformed energy. So, God is in all of us. Einstein did states in his theory of relativity that matter and energy are the same, which is seen in his formula E=m/c2. It would also explain the idea of reincarnation and its connection to life cycles, like nitrogen cycle and the carbon cycle. Just look at the carbon cycle:

In essence, we can be reincarnated into different things because when something dies, it is reused by the earth and everything else in the world.

This brings us to another debate between science and religions — creationism vs. the big bang theory. Watch the video below from a Nigerian physicist and professor named Gabriel Oyibo, who theorizes how the book of Genesis in the Bible, Egyptian mythology and the Big Bang relate to one other. For example, he says how God speaking the universe into existence and the Big Bang, which is an onomatopoeia, both refer to sound waves or energy creating the universe. I do not know if everything he says is true, especially on the math part (there is some controversy involving him), but it is interesting to think about…

God Almighty\’s Grand Unified Theorem

P.S. If you ask how can God’s voice be a bang, first of all how do you know what God sound like and second, if he is loud enough, it would sound like one. Ha Ha. All I ask is that we consider how everything in our world is connected, including the things we believe and study…

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