Work Hard, Play Hard

Ivan Ruan, Ben Davelman, Remi Laurence, Charles Lauer

The cabinet we have created revolves around the lifestyles of Brooklyn College students outside of the classroom; these lifestyles are crucial to the physical health and mental well-being of each and every student. As a community, we realize that in order to succeed in the classroom, one must maintain his or her physical health.  Exercise actually improves brain function by enhancing a process called neurogenesis in the hippocampus, the section of the brain that is vital for academic success, and through the releasing of endorphins and dopamine, which help to improve mood.

These photos demonstrate parts of the college that allow for students to destress in a fairly stressful academic environment, and too much stress can contribute to a significant decrease in scholastic performance by limiting the processing power of the frontal lobe, creating those moments in tests where you “blank out.” A healthy body begets a healthy mind. With the college life , naturally, comes fears and anxiety. Letting go of the thoughts surrounding our academic lives is an important and necessary aspect of success, best exemplified by the motto “work hard, play hard.”

The Brooklyn College soccer field/track (Located just behind the West Quad and right across from the West End Building) is a place where student athletes of all varieties can play and practice. The field is always well maintained and the perfect place for exercise of any kind.
The Student Center is a great place to relax before, between, or after classes, where pupils can do anything from a start a game of Billards on the nearby tables to catching a couple rounds of “Call of Duty” on one of the many available gaming consoles.  .

The weight room, located in the West Quad Building, is a wonderful opportunity for conditioning or building muscle. Both activities include a great deal of physical stress and also effectively improve mental health and physical health as well.

The West Quad building also features a fully equipped basketball court, which happens to be one of the more frequented options when it comes to exercising on campus.

Swimming is a sport as old as the human race and the least joint-impacting form of conditioning there is.The only equipment required is a towel and swimming trunks or a swim suit. Stop by the West Quad building to take a dip.

Brooklyn College houses 6 tennis courts, (Just across from the aforementioned soccer field) all of which afford students the luxury of both competitive and recreational tennis at all hours of the day.

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