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Nov 22 2009

Get Real

Published by Amrita Narine under Looking at Music - MOMA

The exhibit “Looking at Music: Side 2” embodies the time of the 70’s. As I walked in, the first thing that caught my attention was a song by Patti Smith called “Piss Factory.” The lyrics were full of raw passion and hope. “I’m gonna be somebody, I’m gonna get on that train, go to New York City,/ I’m gonna be so big, I’m gonna be a big star and I will never return.” This represents the spirit of the 70’s. Everyone wanted to break out from where they were, and go some place new. Everyone had bigger dreams; no one wanted to be locked in. In a way it was inspirational, representing people who dreamed big dreams and even encouraging them to go for it. It’s music that speaks to people. Continue Reading »

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Nov 22 2009

That’s It?

Published by Alina Pavlova under Looking at Music - MOMA

Boy, was I disappointed.

There was nothing of substance in this exhibit.  Nothing to really marvel at.

Maybe it’s just me

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Nov 08 2009

Looking into early 1970’s

Published by Sijia Sun under Looking at Music - MOMA

Looking at Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition of Looking At Music let me realize why my parents used to worry so much about me becoming a musician/artists.

Richard Hell & The Voidoids

The exhibition features young musicians who doubled as poets who in the early 1970’s and initiated a “stripped-down, Continue Reading »

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Nov 05 2009

70s Art Explosion

Published by Nathaly Martinez under Looking at Music - MOMA

Although I have always known that art and music can go together, i have never seen it blown up in my face in such a creative manner. Just walking into the Looking at Music Side 2 exhibit was like bursts of music, photography, videos, television, and youth rebellion compacted into one gigantic work of art. Continue Reading »

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