An Epistemological Disruption: College Edition

2309-23274-1-PBStarting college has been a very different experience than I thought it would’ve been. I expected my mind to be challenged in a way that is completely different than I have previously been exposed to. For the most part, I have been let down. Many of my classes follow a curriculum and are more or less a textbook following class. The only class that I had this semester that has continually restored my faith in my college experience was this one. Society has trained me to think a certain way and has shaven my creative thirst through the education system it has provided me with.
This course has made me rethink and rebuild everything I thought I knew. It was my epistemological disruption.
I am making this post to acknowledge one of my favorite classes we had together. When Professor Eversley told us of her niece’s bedtime story (the one with the princess who grew up to be an engineer), this was my first eye opener. It was surprising to me that at such a young age, her mind has already been altered to believing that life, let alone a bedtime story, is not complete without a prince charming. She has already discarded the idea that being a civil engineer is a satisfying lifestyle. My second eye opener was Professor’s drawing of The Grown Woman. This changed my perspective on abstract art. This made me realize and appreciate that just because it is foreign and uncomfortable, the art piece isn’t any less valuable than something familiar.
This course, and more specifically that class, gave me the educational jumpstart I have desired for a long time. This rekindled my interest in what the world has to offer me in a way that reading textbooks and memorizing facts could not. I can now appreciate both art and ordinary things in life by looking with a new set of eyes.