The Genius Behind Google


One thing I’ve always gotten unreasonably excited for was seeing Google’s name change. I’ve always truly admired it because the idea seems so simple, but it is extremely effective. Google has been around since 1995 and created their first doodle in the August of 1998. The first doodle was the logo mixed in with the iconic man, which was meant to inform people on what Google Inc. was all about. From then on out, there has been a tradition that only betters with age. Google’s doodles went from pictures to short animations as technology increased. They even started making sets of name changes per holiday instead of just one picture to put up on the day.

In the year 2000, Larry Page and Sergey Bin handed the logo design work to Dennis Hwang, aka Hwang Jeong-mok. He designed Google’s simple logo the day before it was released, and has been on the rise ever since.

Many of the days they commemorate aren’t all commonly known, so Google provides recognition through their logo.Google’s specialty logos are the best way to share facts through creativity. Google has an extensive archive of different doodles that covers everything from the first day of autumn, to 60th anniversary of the Routemaster bus. One of my favorite set of Google logos were the World cup logos. Hwang made more than 60 logos for the whole series, and each was very interesting and unique animations.Google-logo-world-cup-2014

Google encourages children to get creative with their logo all the time. With a competition called Doodle 4 Google, children from all over the world submit their artwork to see if they will get chosen as an honorary google artist. Some examples are


Amusingly enough, Hwang’s job title was Google’s International Webmaster. He was responsible for all Google’s international information, and had the task also given to him. This just goes to show, art can come from anywhere. I love Google’s doodles and artwork behind it.