Matilda The Musical


The play Matilda was honestly the most breathtaking musicals I have seen thus far. I was truly amazed in all aspects of the play. The children performers, the visual execution, and the music were all astounding.

I loved the choreography in all of the scenes because they really helped set the mood of the play. My favorite scene would have to be the swing scene when the children were singing, “When I grow up”. This scene made me emotional at the thought of myself growing up and moving on to college. It reminded me of watching the movie as a child in elementary school compared to me now watching it facing college.


Apart from the choreography and music, the physique of the stage was incredible. When we were backstage, I was speechless as to the engineering that went behind creating the stage. The stage had many groves where the desks, seats, bathroom set emerged. I had the opportunity to see backstage and I saw how the bedroom set and Ms. Honey’s shack was hung up to save space. This idea never occurred to me before, since the few stages I have been on (Midwood’s stage, and Brooklyn College’s stage) were nowhere near as complex as the one we saw. I always imagined backstage being as crowded as ours during our plays and performances. Lastly, one of the things that appealed to me the most was the art of the chalk writing in the end. When the stage director told us of the two men tracing the letters from behind while pulling a board behind it, I was in awe. This was truly a brilliant aspect of this musical that is unique to Matilda, or so I’ve been told.

The children who performed in the musical did an incredible job. Having worked with children before, I always find it amazing when they are assembled in performing arts.

They were all in sync with one another and were continuously energetic throughout the play.

All in all, seeing Matilda was one of the greatest Broadway experiences of my life.