For guest speakers, honoraria of $150 maximum per person is available. We are not able to increase this amount, even if the speaker usually commands a higher fee.

Follow these steps to pay a guest speaker. If you have general questions, please contact Amanda Hick at

  1. Fill out the request form. Your request will be reviewed at Macaulay, and you will receive notification when it is approved.
  2. Book your guest speaker, and give them the honorarium paperwork to complete.
  3. You or your speaker should upload the completed paperwork here:
  4. Note that if any of the paperwork is incomplete, it will delay payment significantly.
  5. Completed paperwork must be received by November 15 for Fall classes and April 15 for Spring classes. Speaking engagements can fall after these dates, but within the given semester’s academic calendar. File paperwork here.
  6. Please warn any guests that processing of honoraria is very slow. Find guests who will visit pro bono if possible.

Paperwork (All Five Items are Required)

Honorarium Service Claim Form

Employee Determination Worksheet

Determination of Residency Status

CUNY Vendor Registration Form

NYS Standard Voucher

Honoraria paperwork example