Macaulay Honors College is seeking applications to teach upper division Honors Seminars. We are seeking classes that are interdisciplinary in nature and designed for students pursuing various majors. In addition to promoting the integration of ideas from relevant disciplines, interdisciplinary instruction helps students understand and appreciate the complexity that emerges when alternative perspectives are advanced by different disciplines. In the process students will develop the ability to integrate concepts and ideas from various disciplines into broader conceptual analyses.

A Macaulay Honors Seminar should engage students in a rigorous manner, using creative pedagogy and active participation designed to develop critical thinking skills. Faculty should encourage students to be open-minded, independent thinkers, and to write and speak effectively. In turn, faculty can expect a high level of academic performance and engagement from their honors students.

Upper-level seminars are held online or at the Macaulay building (35 West 67 St), typically once a week, in the evening.

Draft syllabi for proposed courses should adhere as much as possible to the Macaulay Syllabus Policy, and clearly communicate the scope course of readings, assignments, and the basis on which grades will be calculated.

Please use this form to propose a new upper-level Macaulay seminar.  Direct any questions to Amanda Hick, the Assistant to the Chief Academic Officer.