Dec 27

Well, I haven’t written a proper post in ages. But it’s okay. I’ve been busy. And now I’m on “vacation”, which means I have 2 weeks or so to write 2 huge papers and study for 5 exams. Now you might not think that sounds like a lot (really? you don’t think that sounds like […]

Dec 17

I went to Reims, a town 40 minutes north of Paris, with 2 of my friends on one Sunday. We hung out at the Christmas markets, ate lunch and drank mulled wine. And I took some nice pictures! Sherlock!!!

Dec 05

I’ve decided to make this post to write down the little things that happen in class that make me smile. My professors are all just the slightest bit eccentric (I would know) and I love them, I really do, and I love being in class. Weird, huh. I said this before but it’s a few […]

Nov 16

I went to Prague last weekend! My mom was going to speak at a legal tech conference there on Monday, so we decided to meet up a few days earlier to see the city. I took a flight Thursday night and was there within an hour and a half. We stayed in a hotel right […]

Nov 09

Last weekend I went to Grenoble with the UEJF (Union des Etudiants Juifs de France), aka the French Jewish student union. Every year they have a national convention (in a different location each year) where they discuss issues relevant to the French-Jewish community. That and there’s also lots of socializing, Shabbat meals, and parties. So […]

Nov 07

Ah. I have so much to write about the past few days. I went to Grenoble with the French Jewish student union, and now I’m back to school. But. It’s Election Night In America. I voted absentee for Obama. My first time voting in a presidential election! This really matters to me. I’ve spoken to […]

Oct 30

Yesterday, I met up with a friend and we explored Montmartre. We visited the Sacre Coeur Basilica (unfortunately we couldn’t take pictures inside, but it was really beautiful) and then just walked around, got lunch, and took lots of pictures. Here are some!

Oct 24

Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. I have a 20 minute presentation due tomorrow on Napoleonic propaganda in the French press. My roof is leaking. It has been for a while, but it stopped, and then it started again and it’s worse than ever. I put a pot on the floor to catch the water. It’s filling […]

Oct 07

Ah. My joy at being registered for courses was very quickly replaced with DREAD. Now it would really begin. I’d sit in class completely lost, struggling to understand professors who’d speak at the speed of light in complicated jargon. What if, contrary to everything I’d heard, class participation was a thing, and professors picked on […]

Oct 04

Oh, did you want to hear about my first days at school, my loves? OH WELL! (I’ll post about it at the end of the week, fear not dear reader…) Because tonight is… The First Presidential Debate!!! There’s actually a Democrats Abroad event going on here at a pub called O’Sullivans, but I am not […]

Gabrielle in Paris