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Oh, did you want to hear about my first days at school, my loves? OH WELL! (I’ll post about it at the end of the week, fear not dear reader…)

Because tonight is…

The First Presidential Debate!!!

There’s actually a Democrats Abroad event going on here at a pub called O’Sullivans, but I am not there. I have class at 11:30 tomorrow morning, so I am sitting on my couch with my laptop and my CNN live feed. It’s not election season without CNN. Debate Night In AMERICA! CNN ELECTION CENTER! MAGIC WALL! Wolf Blitzer, John King, Anderson Cooper… oh, they’re like old friends. CNN, I just can’t quit you. It’s 2:22 am right now. Don’t worry, I’ve had a nap.

Well, this is going to be a live blog for ME but for you, if you’re reading this, I’m going to post this right when the debate is all done, so not so much live.

I’m going to make a tea, it’s cold.

2:24 am : Magic wall malfunction! Oh, it’s back. John King is talking about the “October Rule”, how the election can change course in October. But how it usually doesn’t. OKAY

2:28 am : My feed has cut out. I’m not sure if this is because they went to advertisement or because of my connection. Hm, let me find a backup.

2:32 am : Okay, it’s back. Michelle Obama is talking about her wedding day. Cute, but can this thing get on the road already? Nap be damned I’m tired.

2:37 I’m texting (okay iMessaging) my friend back home about Doctor Who and school. She’s catching up and she’s on Series 4.

2:40 Oh hai James Carville! DAVID GERGEN!! Did you ever read that hilarious article on Gawker about this woman who had a crush on David Gergen? I think she compared his face to a potato. Now I want potatoes. THANKS GERGEN.

2:42 I’ve opened up the ABC live stream but it’s just a backup. It’s so cold! I guess I don’t notice usually because I’m asleep under the covers.

2:49 Introduction of First Ladies, okay.

3:01 It’s 3:01 what’s happening

3:02 I’ve opened AOL’s livestream. IT HAS BEGUN

3:03 And they’re on! Romney and Obama walk on… they are both such good looking men aren’t they

3:05 Oh Obama, I’ve missed hearing you speak. You’re just so good at it

3:06 Romney, on Obama’s anniversary: “I’m sure this was the most romantic place you could think of, here with me!” Ooooo my ROmneyyy!

3:12 I… I can’t bring myself to write about the actual content of what they’re saying. BECAUSE, what ARE they saying? They’re not saying anything, are they? Blah blahh blaahhh, I’m going to do this and that and you did this and that and how am I going to do this? Oh IDK just trust me.

3:16 Okay, so my previous statement really only applied to Romney. Obama’s being slightly more specific. Slightly.

3:17 Romney… okay we’re back to the start here: HOW are you going to lower taxes on EVERYBODY! and not cut Medicare, and increase defense spending and also secure energy independence?

3:19 Thank you for pointing this out, Obama. “It’s math. It’s arithmetic.” Yes.

3:19 Obama says we should go back to our former tax rate for people earning $250,000+. Yes I agree. How much is the former rate anyway, 39% instead of 37%? I know those aren’t the exact numbers but it’s really something like that. Would you like to know how much people pay in taxes here in France? I didn’t think so.

3:22 A friend has just messaged me on Facebook. I tell him I’m watching the debate. “What debate?” Oh…

3:25 Lol Romney is repeating that he has no plan for a $5 trillion tax cut. Obama keeps referring to it.

3:34 “I don’t want to go down the path of Spain!” says Romney. I don’t know why I find that funny but I do.

3:38 Down with corporate welfare!

3:42 Obama is talking about his grandmother and how she paid into the system so she could get social security and Medicare when she needed it. And how the name “entitlement” implies dependency but it’s not quite that. And I agree 100%. I hate the name “entitlement”.

3:51 Dodd-Frank is problematic, Romney? PUHLEASE.

3:56 Oooo, they’re onto healthcare. Let’s GO.

3:57 “EXPENSIVE THINGS HURT FAMILIES!” Do you know the Horse_ebooks twitter account? Here it is. Sometimes I feel like Romney is just reading off their feed.

3:58 I don’t think this whole “adding $2500 to average family’s healtchare” stat is true. CNN fact checkers, tell me!

3:59 Since when does Obama refer to his own healthcare plan as Obamacare? I’ve missed something, haven’t I… I think it’s kind of sad that Obama still has to explain, time after time, what exactly his plan does. It’s not exactly a matter of opinion. So much misinformation out there.

4:03 My eyes are closing… my mom has texted me about a Big Bird meme stemming from Romney’s lovely Big Bird comments. That was FAST. Oh, the internet.

4:05 Wow, my facebook page is full of debate-related statuses.

4:08 Romney, you know better than anyone that what you’re saying is JUST NOT TRUE. Is he trying to bring back the myth of death panels?

4:13 The role of government…

4:16 “I LOVE GREAT SCHOOLS!” Okay let’s make a list of things Romnom loves: Coal, Big Bird, great schools…

4:18 Why do I get the feeling that Romney is speaking way more than Obama is ?

4:20 Jim Lehrer is having trouble controlling the debate, I think. He needs to be able to cut them off. You know who’s a great debate moderator? And this is based on the UK debates from 2010, but still: David Dimbleby. He was fierce.

4:25 Romney talking about collaboration? Really? Because Republicans are oh so open to collaboration with Dems…

4:28 Closing statements…

4:31 I think Obama’s statement could have been stronger? I’m so tired now that I don’t think I can properly pay attention anyway…

4:31 Romney mentions the upcoming Veep debate… I am expecting that to be 100% more entertaining than this. (It won’t be but a girl can dream.)

4:33 AAAAND it’s over. Shake hands, smiley smile. Ooo it’s one of the Romneh Boys! Is that Tagg? TAGGART! Craig is there too… No I don’t know all the Romney sons’ names why are you looking at me like that stop

Okay. CNN Post-Debate coverage. I’m only going to stick around for a few minutes because I’m exhausted, but…

Yeah, CNN agrees that Romney was the clear winner of the debate. Sure, he wasn’t that specific about the facts and figures of his plans, but neither was Obama. And Obama didn’t attack him on ANYTHING– and there was so much that was fair game! Come on. At least there’s 2 more debates. I still don’t believe Romney can win.

Spin! Spin! Spin! And I am going to sleep. 4:41 am!


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