Advancing Underserved Students through Faculty Intentionality and Problem-based Learning

The Association for American Colleges and Universities’ (AAC&U) campus-based research project Advancing Underserved Student Success Through Faculty Intentionality in Problem-Centered Learning involves seven minority serving institutions in as exploration of the relationship between high-impact practices and underserved student success as well as the role of transparency in effective teaching within high-impact practices. The project is funded by TG Philanthropy and part of the AAC&U’s Making Excellence Inclusive initiative. Five Queensborough Community College faculty will participate: Simran Kaur (Biology and Geological Sciences), Amy Traver (Social Sciences), Tanya Zhelezcheva (English), Kostas Stroumbakis (Math and Computer Science), and Franca Ferrari (Speech, Communication and Theatre Arts. Drs. Andrea Salis and Jane E Hindman, are co-PIs of the grant, will lead the faculty team in learning how to incorporate problem-centered learning and transparency in their teaching strategies as well as how to apply AAC&U Value Rubrics in assessing student work.