Image courtesy of George Vlaseros

What is one thing you can be sure of when walking the streets of Astoria?

The dominating presence of the Greek community.

Image courtesy of Izabela Konopko

The Greek Presence is something so deeply rooted in Astoria it’s hard to think of Astoria without attaching the word ‘Greek’ to it. This is something we, the students of The Peopling of New York at Queens College, witnessed firsthand on our recent trip there. Traveling to a Greek Orthodox Church, a Greek bakery, a Greek retirement club and many other places, we gained insight into the real people living there now and even got a glance into the past of the Astoria community. Using this personal experience, combined with further research, we have compiled information about the many aspects of the Greek community in Astoria: the Demographics, Commerce, Culture and Institutions. We have utilized WordPress to create this website which compiles all of the information we have gained about Greek culture in Astoria.

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Image courtesy of Jared Cox

As a class we were able to understand the inner workings of a tight-knit Greek community, and were welcomed with warmth and hospitality from shop owners, teachers, and residents throughout Astoria. Every person we met gave us further insight on how Astoria operates on a personal level with each of these four aspects.


Image courtesy of Jared Cox