Astoria Visuals

Astoria, one of the many neighborhoods located within Queens county, is a great example of diversity in New York City. This neighborhood, with a population of 128, 811¹, is home to people of various different ethnic groups and nationalities. Although the neighborhood is well-known for its Greek population, it has now become an ethnic enclave for various other groups. This includes people from Mexico, Ecuador, Bangladesh, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Brazil, China, Korea and the Philippines.² This neighborhood has become so diverse over the years that 19+ languages are spoken there alone! ³

In order to get a real feel of Astoria and its people, just take a walk along its streets and you will be able to experience this wonderful mix of cultures and traditions. Enter a Greek gift shop and you will find candles hanging from the ceilings and walls. Walk just a few more steps and stumble upon a Souvlaki cart or a falafel cart. Enjoy the wonderful smells of an Italian or Greek bakery shop, and if you would like a little bit of Hispanic flavor just turn around or cross the street to a Hispanic restaurant.

If you would like a place to explore, then Astoria is the place to go! The people of Astoria are very kind and welcoming.

The slideshows below are visual representations of the diversity that exists within Astoria. The first slideshow is a compilation of photographs from the first Annual International Cultural Fest of Astoria. The second album is a compilation of photographs taken by the author during her visit to Astoria.

Astoria’s International Cultural Fest 2015

Astoria At A Glance

Author: Selena Bermeo