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Lesson plan for Wednesday, October 6th.

By the end of class, during class, you should have accomplished all of these things:

  1. Join the ePort system (!)
  2. Edit your profile with a correct photo and your full name
  3. Join this New York City and the Arts site

Today, we will learn and begin to execute the following skills, which you will post to this (About Us) page:

  1. How to create a post and categorize it
  2. How to insert an image into a post (and resize and situate that image)
  3. How to comment on someone else’s post, and Professor Jablonka will discuss the role of commenting in our class
  4. How to insert a video into a post
  5. How to feed the Professor’s announcements to your email

Today, we will discuss the following decisions:

  1. What is this site, to us?
  2. How public should our site be?

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