Stephanie Solanki, 9/19/12

Dr. Kahan started the class by showing us a few clips of the movie “The Girl with the Pearl Earring.” The clips she showed us had to do with the “Aha” moment we all had in pervious class sessions when looking at art. I noticed after seeing the girl’s reaction that once a person “sees” a work of art, or sees what they think the artist sees in the work, he or she begins to look at all art differently. As a musician, I have had this same experience. I first learned guitar in a classical way, and I did not expose myself to chords at all. However, after learning a few, I began to explore different styles of playing guitar, and I realized how beautifully each style sounded. I think it’s important to really give each work of art a chance, a fair chance, and to see it the way the artist would have seen it. This gives the work a whole new dimension and depth that an spectator might have missed.

Dr. Liu’s talk left a great impression on me. I also am I person very interested in science, like him. For as long as I have been in school, I have loved science class and learning about all things science. I found that after becoming involved in music and expanding my horizons in the artistic field, I began to see everything differently, even science. I began to see the beauty in science rather than just learning about it. I think that being fluent in the arts and science and being involved in culture makes me a better person.