Seminar Class 09/24/12

Monday’s class was an intro to music. We defined that the four elements of music are rhythm, melody, harmony, and timbre. These four elements are combined to make each piece of music unique. When Naomi sang “I Feel Pretty” from the musical West Side Story, Professor Kahan played the piano to accompany Naomi’s singing. When the piano was played, it added texture to the song. It also provided rhythm and harmony. Professor Kahan also pointed out the rhythm in the song. The rhythm was “one, two, three, one two three” with emphasis on the “one.”Naomi had a beautiful voice and I loved how she participated in teaching the class about the four elements of music.

Another piece of music that the class was introduced to was the Praeludium I by J.S Bach. This song is very dainty and soft in texture. It is also very soothing and calming. When the song got louder, it created more of a dramatic feeling. It also seemed as if it was telling a love story. This song reminded me a lot of the Ave Maria because they both start similarly and have that same delicate texture. In Praeludium II,  the song sounded much different  and gave a much different feeling. This song was much more dramatic and frantic than the first. It had a very mechanical texture and evoked a scary feeling. I liked both pieces of music. However, I loved Praeludium I. That song made me feel nice and calm  compared to Praeludium II.