Stephanie Solanki, 10/3/12

Yesterday’s seminar was a class trip to the Metropolitan Opera House. I was very excited to go because I love opera music, and I love music and shows in general. This was my favorite opera. I was very happy to see with with the class.

My thoughts on the opera is that the show was spectacular. It was very beautifully done. The set was immense and amazing. I couldn’t believe that they could completely change it the way they did during the 20 minute intermissions. I thought the opera house was beautiful. The acoustics were absolutely amazing in it. I noticed how it was tall and narrow and not wide, like Dr. Kahan said it would be. This was to enhance the sound, and it worked because I was able to hear perfectly from the topmost row. I loved hearing the voices; I wished the woman who played Liu would sing to me forever. I loved the orchestra, as well. It’s so thorough of them to include Chinese or Asian instruments in the music to go with the setting of the opera. Everyone was incredibly talented, even the background singers and dancers.

I loved the art and the music of the opera, but the story seemed a little shallow to me. It was a happy love story, but I think the tragedy of Liu and Calaf’s father could have easily been avoided if the princess had gotten over her pride.

Overall, my first opera experience was fantastic. I loved it so much that I really want to go back and see another.