Movies Based on Washington Square

This session of seminar went by rather quickly.  We watched two movies, both based on the novel, Washington Square.  Both films followed the story of the novel; one was a black and white movie, The Heiress, and the other one was, Washington Square, a more recent film.  Personally, I enjoyed watching segments of The Heiress more but Washington Square was enticing as well.

I rarely enjoy black and white movies and I avoid them when I watch TV.  This is what made the class significant for me; when I saw that The Heiress was black and white I thought watching the clips would be very boring.  Yet the film was oddly alluring, I thought that even though the film was old, it portrayed itself as a modern film.  In addition, I really liked the way the actor performed Morris.  The character was simply likable, I did not like Morris when I read the book but this actor drew me in. I would root for him throughout the course of the movie.

The film, Washington Square, was enjoyable but I would not watch it on my own time.  Especially because of the actress that played Catherine, to put it simply, she was a terrible performer.  Every time she spoke I felt uneasy; she just made the film needlessly awkward.  I cannot really put my finger on the reason for her awkwardness, but I assume it was because she overreacted to everything; very melodramatic.

Hopefully, we will watch more movies for seminar in the near future. Who knows, a new favorite might arise out of this class.