Monday 10/15

On Monday afternoon, it was refreshing to be able to sit back and watch pieces of the movie “Washington Square” in seminar class, after a long day of Calculus and Biology.  Though I found it very similar to and consistent with the book, there were many obvious differences.

For one, I thought Catherine was more of a sympathetic character in the book.   Readers of Washington Square are able to relate to Catherine, for everyone feels unloved at times and as if he doesn’t fit in.  However, in the movie, Catherine isn’t portrayed as merely shy and a little dull.  Her character seems extremely socially awkward and maybe even mentally retarded.

Moreover, one is able to enjoy the wittiness and clever sarcasm better in the book.  The biggest contributor of irony in the book is the narrator, and since the movie does not have one, it loses an element of wit and satire.  Still, the movie was really good, and I hope to see the whole thing.