October 15, 2012 James Baldassano

Today in seminar, we took a little look at two versions of “Washington Square”. The second version was known by the name of “The Heiress”. In these separate films, there were many similarities, but also many differences. In the black and white film, the character ‘Morris Townsend” is played by a young cunning, brunette man. He is clever in conversation upon his meeting with Catherine, especially when he shows her his book of acquaintances to be empty like hers. In the newer colored version, the character played by Morris is a little clumsier, and for some reason, a lot perkier. Especially around her father, where she would squeal for joy like a little girl. We watched both these since we were scheduled to view a broadway productions of “The Heiress” two days later. I found them to be very contrasting. I was also very curious how the ending of the actual broadway show would portray it. At the end of the class, we discussed a little bit about our papers and how we cited them ( when you quote a professional opinion).