11/5/12 – Poem Recitals

Today’s seminar class was definitely interesting and unique. Prior to class, each student was assigned one or two poems that had to be researched and recited in front of the class. Also, we were to give brief details we found interesting about the particular poet or poets that Professor Kahan assigned.

However, towards the end of class, the class got a little sidetracked and we began discussing the influence of the media on women and how the audience portrays them. For example, Marilyn Monroe was looked upon as a sex symbol because of the various things she had done during her life. This falls hand and hand with our discussion because, people during this time perceived Marilyn, as a very provocative and promiscuous woman, simply because the media and other forms of news reported her in this way. It’s very rare for people even in today’s world, to produce an opinion solely based on what they feel. This relates closely to the presidential election. For example, there are many news channels and radio stations that are either Pro Democratic or Pro Republican, and if one listens to these networks on a constant basis, their outlooks and views are greatly affected. This idea was one of the topics discussed in today’s class, leading me to question if I fall into this category, or if I base my judgments on what I personally feel, despite what the media and my family tells me.

But, I must touch on the fact that even though I didn’t recite my poem yet, I get the feeling that speaking in front of the class is easier said than done. Many of my classmates, had a difficult time expressing their opinion and speaking clearly, which is a very common problem during public speaking. Thankfully, Professor Kahan was able to clarify any loose ends within the poems, enabling me to get a better understanding of what the poet is trying to portray. Hopefully, when I present my poem on Wednesday, I won’t be corrected too much, but I take all corrections I receive in a positive way and try to use them to better myself.