Stephanie Solanki, 11/5/12

Today in Seminar Class, we had poetry recitals. I have always loved poetry, and I have always loved hearing different interpretations of poetry. For me, poetry is like music. It has a rhythm and a beat, and the experience of hearing poetry is like listening to a concert for me. A person can express one poem in many different ways. It was nice to hear my classmates express themselves or different sides of themselves through their poetry.

I really liked the poems that were given to each person. It seemed as if the poem was meant for the person who performed it. Everyone shined through their poetry. Each poem emphasized certain personality qualities in the performer. I was able to “hear” the personality traits of the speaker through the performances. This was because of voice intonation, hand gestures, emphasis of words, and rhythm and beat choices.

We had a class discussion about zeitgeist and social perceptions on women. Years ago, Marilyn Monroe was considered promiscuous because she was comfortable in her body and flaunted it. In this era, we would not think that a beautiful women is a promiscuous. It is not a correlation that occurs to us. This then led to the discussion of power between the people and notorious celebrities. In my opinion, the people give celebrities their power through attention and gossip. Celebrities need attention to stay in the spotlight, and so they rely on the people to keep them there. I liked having a full class discussion and hearing the opinions of others. I think we should do that more often.

I cannot wait to perform on Wednesday, although I have touch acts to follow. My classmates did great jobs, and I hope that I will too.