Although there was not enough time for me to recite my poem today, I really enjoyed seminar class anyway; since my other classes are math and science based, I  did not have a chance previously to see the performing side of my classmates.  Everyone did an incredible job and exuded confidence during their performances.  I particularly liked Amber’s poem.  The sound effects made her sound professional, and she really took on the attitudes of the characters in her poem.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the discussions that came along with the readings.  The discussion about Marilyn Monroe made me think of all the other media-based misconceptions we have.  Newspapers and magazines often run on reader’s gullibility; the photos of models are often products of photoshop, yet readers believe that pretty people should look that way.  Similarly, people believed that Marilyn Monroe was a sex-symbol, even if that was not really who she was.  We should be aware of this problem and not allow ourselves to be blinded by media propaganda!