Seminar Class 11/7/12

During wednesday’s seminar class, we continued to recite the poems that professor Kahan gave to us. Knowing that I did not recite my poem on monday and that I had a good chance of reciting it on wednesday, I was very nervous. Not only did I recite my poem during this class, I was also chosen first to do so.

When professor Kahan chose me to preform my poem first, it caught me off guard. I automatically felt my heart racing. Even though I felt ready and I prepared my poem and my interpretations, I still felt uneasy when my name was called. My poem was The Harbor Dawn by Hart Crane. This poem describes the Manhattan harbor while incorporating his feelings for his true love as well. This had to be one of the most difficult poems I have ever interpreted. It was hard for me to find the flow of the poem and the true meaning of it. There are many interpretations of this poem. Some are simple and others are more in depth. Regardless, the summary of my interpretation is that the poet is having a dream of what he wishes his life could be life. That life is to live as a homosexual. When the poet refers to his loved one, he is not talking about a woman but in fact another man. In order for the class and I to understand the poem better, she made me reread the first part of the poem with the included notes on the side. At first I found these notes more confusing than helpful. Then I realized that they help set where the poem takes place and with who it takes place.

Overall I liked reciting my poem. It was good public speaking practice while also having some entertainment as well. Even though I was nervous, I still enjoyed telling my classmates my interpretations of the poem. I look forward to the other poems that still need to be preformed!