Stephanie Solanki, 11/14/12

Today in Seminar class, we resumed performing our poems. I was blown away once again by the amount of thought and love each person has put into their poems. I have yet to present, and it is because I feel that my poem is one that would be a great last act. It’s a very patriotic poem, and would leave a good impression on the class. I think that I am very prepared to present on Monday after watching the constructive criticism that Dr. Kahan gave to each presenter. I think that it will make my poem that much better.

I loved Rob’s poem. He performed it very well; it was the perfect poem for him. I loved when Dr. Kahan played the blues on the piano while Rob performed his poem. I felt like I should have started snapping! It was very powerful. The music added flow and rhythm to the poem. It was easy to “get in the groove” when Dr. Kahan played music. I could feel the poem come to life. It was really moving.

I really liked the way James performed his poem. It inspires me to let go of all my inhibitions and perform the poem to do justice to the poem. I really cannot wait to perform. I have been waiting for a long time, and I want to make my poem stand out. Hopefully, I can.