Corinna 11-14-12

Wednesday’s seminar class was yet another day dedicated to poetry presentations.  Even before the first round of presentations, I remember thinking that by the end, I would probably lose interest.  As it turns out, this was far from true.  Every presentation so far has had something special about it.  For example, during Wednesday’s seminar class, Robert recited his poem, “The Weary Blues” by Langston Hughes, to a tune played on the piano.  The music made it more entertaining than when he first read it.  Because of this addition, I paid more attention to the words and the message of the poem. I felt as though I was in a different time period, listening to an artist perform a piece about his own personal experience.  Another example is James’ presentation, which stood out for the amount of enthusiasm and theatrics that were involved.  However, the poem that he was assigned was very unique and entertaining even on its own.  I loved the idea that a poem with so few actual words could not only have such meaning, but also be so relatable.  Just like in the poem, I feel as though I have disappointed my family by not knowing the language they grew up speaking.  Although I know that I am an American, I find myself having a hard time drawing the line between the two cultures I associate myself with.  To help make this piece a bit lighter and less serious, it seems the writer makes fun of the English language. This poem had me thinking about the flaws and illogical construction of our language, which I feel contributes to my struggle every time I have a writing assignment.