Shumaila – 11/14/2012

On Wednesday, we continued our poetry presentations. I love how these presentations bring out a side of our classmates that we have not seen so far. It forces us all to be more comfortable around each other. Everyone has done an amazing job on each poem, making me look forward to what else they will do over the course of the next four years.

One of my favorites was James’ performance of Ing-rish. I think his personality meshed well with the witty mood of the poem, forming the perfect combination. Rob’s performance was also pretty interesting. He performed with Dr. Kahan, playing piano on the side. It made the poem feel more real, and it was quite moving.

Last Tuesday, our seminar class went to see Dr. Kahan at the Center for Arts as part of the Chamber Music Collective.  They commemorated the birthday of Claude Debussy by performing some of his best works. was given the chance to see Professor Kahan in concert at CSI. One of my favorite performances was the Opera piece. I was amazed by how loud her voice could be, and also how she managed to speak while her voice was so high pitched. It was nice to see all the different instruments coming together as harmoniously as they did in the beautiful performance.