Seminar Class 11/21/12

On wednesday, we watched the movieĀ Manhattan in class. This movie is directed by Woddy Allen is about a forty-two year old writer who is trying to live a normal life in Manhattan. However, he has much difficulty in doing this due to many barriers, such as having a relationship with a seventeen year old girl.

1. I thought the the camera functioned in the movie very differently than it would in other movies. Even though the camera did focus on the actors during different scenes, it also did something different which I found to be very interesting. The camera would capture the dialogue between the actors, however, it would not focus its attention on the actors. For example, when Issac and his seventeen year old girl friend left the diner after school, the camera captured the dialogue between the two but did not show the audience the presence of the actors.

2.The directors approach with framing scenes with people was somewhat odd. As I explained before, there were some scenes where the director captured the dialogue between the actors but did not actually show them present in the scene. Although the majority of the scenes were with the presence of actors, there were a few scenes where this did not occur.

3. Since this movie was filmed in black and white, it had a different effect than it would have had if it were filmed in color. This actually confused me because the movie was actually set in modern times. I did not know why Woody Allen decided to set the movie in black and white. However, his decision definitely made it more interesting.

4. The clips in this movie did not last for that long. I do not remember any scenes where the clips were long and the scene was filmed in the same place for a good amount of time. I thought that the camera moved frequently and the different parts in the scene were brief.

5. The dialogue between the characters represented the time period in which the movie took place. It was somewhat modern and involved contemporary language.

6. The costumes in the movie usually describe the time period it was set in. Just like the dialogue in the film, the costumes described in what year the movie was set. The clothing and the hairstyles of the characters made me believe that the film was set in the 1970s.

7. Usually, the use of music in a movie plays a huge role. However, in this movie I rarely remember any music being played at all. I am sure there was some music played in the movie, but it did not play a huge role or had an important significance in the flow of the movie.

8.The role of the setting of the movie also is very important. This movie was set exactly where the title of the film tells us: Manhattan. I believe it was a great place to set the film. Since the protagonist is a writer trying to find normalcy in his life, Manhattan was a great place for him to reside. The director tries to make the setting as real as possible.

To be honest, this movie was one of craziest movies I have ever seen in my life. There were so many insane scenes and facts about this movie that made me want to slap every actor involved. As crazy as it was, I did wind up enjoying the movie.