November 28th, 2012

On Wednesday in class, Professor Diaz came and discussed different film techniques and how they were used in the movie “Manhattan”.  The idea of diegetic and non-diegetic sound was very interesting to me because very often I find myself paying close attention to the soundtrack of a film that I am watching.  In the movie “Remember the Titans” the final football game has an orchestral score by Trevor Rabin which I fell in love with after seeing the film.  I found it interesting how film had to completely change to accommodate the introduction of sound to moving picture.  This issue was directly addressed in the musical “Singing in the Rain” staring Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds.  My two favorite parts of this film deal with the issues that arose as the film industry moved away from silent films.  The first scene, was when they show the film for the first time.  They quickly realized that actors who are accustomed to working in Silent films may not be able to make the transition to movies with sound. Singing in the Rain.  My second favorite scene in this musical is at the end when they reveal that Lina Lamont isn’t really singing her songs, and that Kathy is the true star of the film. Sining in the Rain.  When I first saw this movie I didn’t understand that the problems which they were dealing with, were very common issues which came with advances in film.  It was interesting to see the technical side of the movies which I know and love.  I think that it is interesting how directors can use little things like the angle of the camera to control the emotion which the audience feels.