Jan 16

Mitpachat Accessories! So Much Fun!

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Enjoy this video in which I continue to explore this exciting new part of my wardrobe and look, the mitpachat. (Mitpachat, Hebrew for scarf, or headscarf). I really love finding excellent matches, in terms of color, fabric or texture, but sometimes that’s not enough. Enter the accessory! Interestingly, I was never really into wearing headbands or flowers in my hair before, but now I find them endlessly amusing and a great way to make a plain look extravagant.



Aug 09

Mitpachot = Head Scarves

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Sheitels, and tichels and hats! Oh MY! But my favorite so far has been wearing mitpachot, or head scarves. It is so fun to have a whole new accessory to match my outfits, like when I found this exact striped one to match my polka dot shirt- well at least the colors are the same and it was perfect for summer!perfect match!
It’s been really fun figuring out all new ways to tie them, making braids and twists. For now, I have amassed an entire hand-me-down collection from my dear sister, aunts and friends…plus one or two that I bought myself!
And here is my organized, artsy, pintrest-ly appropriate way of storing/showing off my mitpachot, plus it covers up that unsightly wall panels. (It’s my first every apartment- Creativity is key, I think!)
mitpachat rod

I’ve also discovered quite a nice internet niche of women who cover their hair with scarves, especially the lovely Andrea with her blog and videos, cleverly named wrapunzel.com. I’ve even taken to trying out my own tutorial hairstyle, found below and on youtube.

Let’s wrap it up!


Jun 11

Double Graduation!!!Following last week’s graduation- which was also on my birthday!!!- I am now a graduate of Macaulay Honor’s College. I am also a graduate of Brooklyn College; the “double citizen” status has never been clearer than when I went to two graduations- with two different color robes! What an accomplishment to see all those semesters, all those assignments, every homework and essay, papers and projects all add up to something- something great! I didn’t just rush through college, but had four full years of learning and experiencing. Thanks to Macaulay, I even spent a semester in Australia. I’m very grateful and very proud. Looking towards the future, I am excited and enthusiastic to keep working towards becoming an audiologist while hopefully enjoying the journey!

Thanks to my entire and extended wonderful family for everything, always!


May 02

When my fiance popped “the-very-important-question,” I said Yes!!!

Now, I had one for him. What do YOU think? Watch the video and help me decide!!!

Congrats! I’m so glad to share this journey with my readers and followers, whether from the Macaulay community, youtube friends, or pintrest! (Plus real life family and friends- Hi and Thanks to you too!!! haha 🙂photo

And so the countdown continues…


Mar 18

Tefilin with Rabbi Gez

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Did you ever wonder how Tefilin are made? or what’s actually inside of those black boxes? Here’s your chance to find out!
Part 1:

Part 2:

And the story goes full circle! My host family that I lived with during my study abroad in Australia have a son who is turning 13! In honor of his Bar-mitzvah (or as the aussies say it, BARMI,) my father, a sofer stam, made a pair of tefilin for him!

Mazal Tov!


Feb 21

Loyal followers will recall that Purim is my favorite holiday of all, and that the joy of costumes does not in any way diminish as you age.

This year, I got to make Hamantashen with my new family! Thanks for being so great!

The original video:

May the joy and celebration of Purim continue in our lives!!!

🙂 Lilach 🙂

Feb 06

Is scary and fun. After years of refusing to do any “extreme” sport, (which includes bike riding, roller blading, roller coastering, or anything that separates my feet from the firm and reassuring ground,) I’ve finally decided it’s time to get over my fear and give ice skating a try…well actually, I was goaded into it and my pride got the better of me. Just because I’m scared of breaking a limb, getting a concussion, or having a mad dasher slice my fingers off with the BLADE at the bottom of their shoe, doesn’t mean I can’t ever give ice skating a chance. With the soothing words and warm, gloved hand of my dear friends, I boldly went where I myself never thought I would go. The perimeter of the rink and I were very well acquainted for about an hour before I finally felt I could let go of the wall and rely on the guiding hands holding me up on either side. My steps were tentative and I was terrified almost the entire time, but eventually I did get the hang if it, and it was pretty awesome. I was able to feel a glimpse of the lightweight feeling that I imagined I was missing and I would like to have another go, but only if my right hand and left hand are held by the kind, patient and wonderful, torturers!… Just kidding! Love you guys!

TL:DR Give yourself a chance! Even if you’re terrified, do it! But don’t go it alone.


Jan 27

Check out this really cool technique for creating original masterpieces. All you need is some old crayons, a blow dryer, and a canvas board. Oh, and a fork. Click to watch the video with guest star, my sister.

Enjoy, Lilach

Dec 27

How to be on VACATION!!!

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As a senior, I tend to see things in that “this-is-the-last-time” way.
The last time I’ve had to register for classes for my last semester as an undergrad, my last semester as a Macaulay student. It’s also the last time I’ll have this super long winter break–ridiculously long five weeks. So what does one do with so much time? Well, I’m trying to make the most of my days. Here’s what I did with a friend one day, something that took way too much time, but was still fun and delicious.

Here’s to taking advantage of every day, whether it’s a vacation day or not!

Dec 17

Miracle of Lights! Happy Channuka!

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The holiday of lights, Channuka, has come and gone. Another year, and still no consensus about how to spell this jelly-filled, candle-lighting, eight-day holiday! And just to get a glimpse of what candle lighting looks like at, or should I say outside of, my house, take a look at the video! Anhourinaminutelg at its finest.

May our lives be filled with lots a light!

Nov 08

First snowfall! Goodbye autumn.

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Happy first snowfall. Brooklyn college lily pond, partially frozen over, filmed during my break.
Stay warm and stay safe,

Oct 29

It’s monday night, 10:45 pm, and Hurricane Sandy is making its way through the east coast. Lower Manhattan is without power and flooding is a real issue. Low lying areas have been evacuated and we are lucky to still have power in Brooklyn. I’m home with my Mom and Dad and we are spending the day in appreciation for how well-off we’ve been so far and apprehension for what might come next. Thousands of trees have come down and the entire city is practically closed for at least through tomorrow, Tuesday. The wind is strong and the rain is constant.
Here are some thoughts circling my mind all day. Stay safe and be careful.

1. Being prepared matters. This storm has been predicted and warned about for about a week. This gave everyone a chance to take it seriously and prepare. We bought enough groceries and long-lasting food to last through December, filled up our car with gas, and bought flashlights with batteries.

2.Our dependence on technology is astounding. We couldn’t even find a radio in our house with proper batteries. I usually use the sticher radio app for streaming my radio stations and any radios we have in the house are connected to the electricity. I figured out that my 5th generation ipod mini has fm radio on it, so got that all charged up and ready to go if we have no other source of news. We’ve all charged our cell phones and are keeping a constant watch on the power and internet. So far so good.

3.Our creativity is boundless. With the freedom/prison of having everything cancelled for two days and being stuck in the house, we’ve all gone to do something creative and productive. So far, my mother has knitted two distinct items and is starting a third, my father has finished writing two sets of tfilin scrolls and I finished two paintings. We’ve organized closets and shelves, folded and hung up all the loose laundry. This is not to mention the creations coming out of the kitchen! Stir crazy= Stir fry.


4.Friends matter. Since the start of the storm, the calls and emails have been coming in from our friends all over the world, who are watching the storm unfold over the news. We are extremely lucky to be safe and with power and able to get in touch with everyone who is worried about us. Getting through to our friends is reassuring. We wish everyone well constantly, especially since the sirens I hear outside have been coming and going all day.

5. Our leaders matter. Since the start, there have been press releases, radio messages, phone calls and a barrage of tweets from every government official and office involved. The president, the governor, the mayor and all the agencies involved are doing a wonderful job of keeping everyone informed of the progress of the storm and available aid and services. Thank you to all the responders helping out those in need during this time.

Finally, I just want to say that my prayers are with anyone in duress, especially after hearing that some hospitals have lost their backup power. God bless you all and stay safe.

I’ll update as I can,

Oct 02

Sukkot Smiles

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You know how much I love holidays, (ie. purim!!!) and sukkot is no exception. This year, I helped out with building the sukka. The decorations are like a living scrapbook of all the arts and crafts we did over the years. Here’s my favorite one, done in third grade, with a compelling tale, misspelled words and a penmanship that looks neater than my current look, (which I like to call the hurried-college-note-taker font.)
Chag Sameach! (Happy Holiday)


Sep 21

Today I presented this pre”z”entation at the Macaulay Global Experience Conference all about how I planned and executed my study abroad to Melbourne Australia.

Sep 10

Sometimes you just need to knit something. Sometimes that thing happens to come out looking kinda like a jelly fish, even though you were kinda going for octopus. Sometimes it’s awesome anyway.



Sep 01

The adorable little girl on the left is my six year old niece on her first day of first grade. She has been counting down the days of summer and is so excited to be joining the world of school-ies. And you guessed it: There on the right is me, on the first day of my senior year in college. There could be some metaphorically resonant* symbolism in this pair of photos, but mostly it just makes me feel old.
(It was also a nice way to send my niece some transatlantic love from her favorite aunt.)
My niece was born when I was a freshman in high school, and I felt all grown up even then. And although I have one foot out the “youngin” door, or as my father likes to call it-“Senioritis,” I understand a lot of what she is feeling.
First days are hard. No matter how old you are or how many ‘first days’ you’ve had already. You are forced to grapple with the contradiction of expecting the unexpected. No matter how much you try to prepare, there’s the inherent uncertainty of what will be. But that’s also part of the fun.

After my first week of senior year, I am reveling in the excitement of the new, even within the familiarity of my home campus. New professors, new syllabi, used-books-that-are-new-to-me. Not knowing what to expect leads to surprises that can be wonderful too. I hadn’t expected, for example, to see people from my high school, who were freshman when I was a senior and recognizing some metaphorically resonant aspect to the dĂ©jĂ  vu-ness of it all.

I wish my niece success on her first, first day, and wish her many more happy uncertain surprises to come.

*I would just like to give full credit to John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars” for adding that wonderful phrase to my lexicon.

My AUSome Trip