Oct 15

Studying Domestically?

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Studying abroad has been on my mind, as you all can see. This incredible need to go and explore other parts of the world has got me thinking. It dawned on me that students from all over the world are at this time feeling the same. They too want to leave the place they are and go to places unknown. The only difference is some are fretting about studying abroad HERE, in New York. To them, I live in a dream of city, a global destination, a culturally iconic place. And all I have to do is catch the 2 train and 40 minutes later, I’m in Times Square. So after this realization dawned upon me, I just felt like a tourist in my own city and did just that.

On our way to the Macaulay Building, my friend and I decided to get off at 42nd St. and walk the rest of the way up to W 67th. As we walked through Times Square, marveling at all the tall skyscrapers along Broadway, I turned to my friend and said, “Isn’t it amazing! We’re in New York.” The funny look I received didn’t deflate my feelings. How fortunate I am to live in New York City! I have reached the destination. Maybe it’s not specifically my destination but it is for thousands of others each day, like the ones I saw snapping pictures while speaking in foreign languages all around me.

Along our walk in the slight drizzle, we passed by Columbus Circle and went to my favorite museum MAD (Museum of Art and Design), using our cultural passports to get in for free. There were some intriguing pieces that held out attention and we nearly lost track of time, but we left and walked the remainder of the way to Macaulay 67 and enjoyed the ‘Meet the Scientist’ Event.

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